Food For Thought on Global Goals with Karen Blincoe


Food for thought provides space for people with different backgrounds to share their life stories.

Karen Blincoe has been working with sustainability since the 1980's and is today focussing on the 17 SDGs in the role of advisor and educator. Educated designer, she set up the ICIS Center in 2001 teaching sustainability to designers and architects. Subsequently, she became director of Schumacher College in UK. During the past 7 years she has been engaged in founding and developing Chora Connection, now Chora 2030 based in Copenhagen.

On the 27th of June, Karen will tell us her personal story of success!

Food For Thought provides space for people from different backgrounds to share their life stories. We want to enable people to learn from and be inspired by each other’s life experiences through storytelling in a safe, stimulating, and inclusive social environment. The idea stems from the belief that each one of us has unique life stories that are worth sharing and from which we can learn a lot. The concept also resonates with the saying: I tell my story, therefore, I am.

The event is family friendly and we also have entertainments and games for your kids!

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